Terms​ ​and​ ​Conditions

By submitting payment you are committing to a one-month, three-month or six-month coaching program (“Schtick Coaching Program”) and a financial obligation to Schtick, LLC.


You may pay the full amount by credit card or check. All payments called for under this payment plan agreement may be paid by a check made out to Schtick, LLC and sent to Schtick, LLC, 1915 Kimball Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19146 or by credit card payments set up with Schtick, LLC.


The occurrence of any of the following events shall constitute a default by the participant of the terms of this payment agreement: your failure to pay any amount due as on the date required under the payment agreement; you seek an order of relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Laws; you become insolvent.

Other​ ​Terms​ ​and​ ​Conditions Intellectual Property:

Any reproduction, distribution, transmission, presentation, or commercial use of Schtick, LLC materials, trademarks and copyrights is prohibited. Rights Reserved: Schtick, LLC reserves the right to reschedule coaching. Schtick, LLC reserves the right to decline/terminate your participation in the Schtick Coaching Program for any reason at any time, and for failing to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Decision Responsibility:

Your decisions, actions, and their consequences while involved in a Schtick Coaching Program are entirely your own responsibility.

Release of Liability:

You release Schtick, LLC and its officers, directors, owners, agents, contractors and employees from any and all liability arising from or connected to the Schtick Coaching Program.